Apr 2, 2011

Good to Wow - Edit - Green


Now, that's GREEN!  While I like the perspective of this photo, the quality of focus was off and the table looked more "blue" than reality.  This edited version is still not a great sample - I did a real hack job of cloning out stuff in the background (I kept forgetting what layer I was working on).  But I love how adding a layer with a green fill (blended) bumped up the green.  Again, I did a rushed job of erasing out the filter on all parts but the table.  It was easy to do the balls, though, as the brush "fit nicely" over them.


I just loved this photo of my son playing in the mud, but it was a bit washed out.  I applied a soft light blend and Ashley Sisk's "Nice and Easy" action and adjusted hue and saturation.  I backed it off on the orange in his boots a bit and in the yellow gloves.  Love how the mud looks shiny and gushier!

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