Apr 2, 2011

Picture Me - Week 2 of 52

For my pics of Me this week, I got a little silly at www.yearbookyourself.com 

The following is supposed to be a "1994" image - the year I graduated.  
I assure you my real 1994 photo had flat hair, very flat.  This style had gone out a few years prior...that is to say there really is a freshman or sophomore photo of me like this - though I would have aspired to bangs like this, mine were still a little flat.

These two below remind me of my mom's yearbook photos.  I'm going to have to find the comparisons and upload them.  It's amazing the resemblance (especially the one of 'me' holding camera)

Finally - it's really eerie how much the "me on the left" looks like my brother in his high school track photos in this one! 

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  1. So cool! I actually had to go back and look at these again. I will have to try that sight. Always looking for something fun to do with my photos!