Mar 24, 2011

Good to Wow - Edit - Flowers!

For the orchid, I applied some adjustment levels, cropped and painted out the stem on left.
Still playing with"clean edit" process (I'll have to go back to the old lessons.)

For this next image, I wanted so badly to use the Pixel Bender's Oil Painting filter that Ashley references. I did download the "stand alone" toolkit and had some fun with it, but didn't see that filter available.  So, I hit google and in trying to find a way to apply that filter, I found a tutorial on the "liquify" filter in Photoshop.
(Filter, Distort, Liquify)

I'm not entirely pleased with this result, but I was just playing with it and was happy to find that it may take a little more time and effort, but I could mimic the Pixel Bender oil painting.

Updated:  Since I've put kids to bed, I played again with the Nice & Easy Action (it wasn't loading for me earlier, but I got it...and love it!)  This shot still fits the "flowers" theme - just check out her fleece shirt!

I also "cloned" away some boo-boos, and used the lasso tool to highlight then lighten teeth and eyes.

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  1. Painting out that stem made world of difference. Lovely photo! It is fun to play a little with effects.

  2. Your edits are beautiful! I kind of like that liquify effect.

  3. I love your first edit - I'll take a look at the stand alone pixel bender in the next couple of days - I wasn't sure what kind of options were available.

  4. Love how fun your bender shot turned out!! Great edits :)