Mar 24, 2011

Picture Me...Week 1 of 52

Since I'm the mommy, I'm usually the one behind the camera, so I'm joining this challenge (link on image above) to capture ME at this point in time!  

The strangest thing happened last night - the kids slept beautifully - not completely without wakings, but I had more sleep than I can remember.  I got up with my daughter and kept checking on my son, who it turns out slept in (making for a total of 12+ hours - unheard of!)  I managed to get my own quiet breakfast and drink HOT coffee!  

I used the self-timer...which of course caught me like this!
And then, out of focus.  If I 'm going to keep up with this challenge, I'd better have others take my picture.
Third time's a charm!
And, finally (while still out of focus) this is me just being grateful for a restful evening.  Still needed my coffee, of course!


  1. It is hard to take photos of yourself. good job.

  2. Great job and welcome to Shoot Me!! You should most definitely keep up with the challenge. You will (and your kids) will be happy to look back on those images one day!

    You little girl is adorable!!

  3. Yup, being the photographer in the family, we always end up not having any picture. That's also my dilemma, so glad I found this Meme, now I can post a picture of myself. I love the photo with your child, so precious, and most especially the one holding a mug of coffee. hmmm..

  4. Glad you joined shoot me! The end result turned out great!

  5. Awww such a cutie! You did a great job in this one dear. Keep it up! :)

    Visiting from Shoot Me. Mine's here! ^_^

    Mars @ The Life Encounters