Mar 26, 2011

Skinny Mini - Textures

This plus this

Friday's "Skinny Mini E-Course" lesson covered textures.  I love texture in a photo and the effects that can be acheived when adding textures, but I think I'm a bit of texture-shy right now.  I settled with a very subtle example of texture here using a shot of snow from our backyard.  Don't you just love those lashes on my son?  Wish I could say he got them from me!

Yesterday, I took the kids outside and snapped photos of all the textured surfaces in sight.  It was fun to "see" that way.  My son seemed confused as to why I was snapping photos of dirt and not his sweet face!  Below are some of my "texture snaps."

UPDATE - I played more with the grayday vintage texture Kim provided and a poem my Dad wrote...

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