Mar 24, 2011

I am a beauty, too

Jill Samter of Jill Samter Photography has started the "I am beautiful project."

When I was in grade school, my parents bought an old Buick Skylark from my uncle.  I need to ask him how he could have sold that to us.  My brother and I called it the Flinstone-mobile.  We would have to hang our heads out the windows down the dirt road as the dust would be kicking up through the holes in the floor.  Then, there were times when the hood would just fly up blocking my mom's view (I remember this happening once on an old one-way bridge.)  It was sky blue with baby blue quilted leather seats you could slide about on.  The windows had cool angles and the dash was shiny white with an old silver radio.  Despite the fact that it was a death trap (not even sure if it had seatbelts, but we didn't wear any back then!),  I always thought it was beautiful.  And, apparently Buick did, too.  On the passenger side visor, there was a mirror engraved with an ad slogan, "Buick is a beauty, too."

I used to stare at myself and those words and ponder on it for long rides.  "...a beauty, too?"  What did it mean? Mom explained that I was looking at myself and I was beautiful, too.  I'm sure I blushed.

For my "I am beautiful" entry, I submit the following...

Now I have to clean the mirror....maybe I'll wait a while!
Let's see your picture in the flickr group - because you are beautiful, too!!


  1. Jen, you are beautiful! I love you. I love that you are doing this project, too! How inspiring.

  2. Nice blog! Great flower shots!
    Happy weekend!